Music Files

If you don't like the music supplied with any of our programs, you can search for music on the world wide web and then replace the game music.

Directions for changing the music in our games.
Let's use for our example, The Ultimate QuizShow v. 12.0.
          1. Locate the program file and especially the support files.     For TUQS 12.0 this location is      c:\Program Files\QuizShow\bin
          2. Rename the QuizShowTheme.wav    located in this directory to           QuizShowThemeBack.wav    (you may want it later)
          3. Copy the wav file to this folder on your computer.
          4. Rename the file that you've downloaded to QuizShowTheme.wav     
Most of the sound files in our software are wav files (.wav are the extension on the file name). However, there are a few MP3's (files with an extension of .mp3). Follow the same procedure but change the appropriate names and extensions.
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