We encourage everyone to download our demo software and give it a spin before purchasing, that's how confident we are that you will love our products.
    Our product demos are fully functional versions (with the exception being that when you play the game, you are only allowed to play the Sample Game included with the demo). Using the demo, you can test all the functionality of the program.
    If you decide that the software is for you, simply return to this website and order the download version or CD.
What our customers are saying
"I tried the software last week and people loved it. Quite a deal. I had so much resistance when I came up with this idea. There were poeple that refused to take part, but once they were there, got totally caught up in it. It was an excellent tool for review training."
"I just received my order for two of your classroom games. They are wonderful!  . . . Thanks for your help and for creating software to help keep kids motivated! "
"We're using it in our residency training programs such as Emergency Room, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Congratulations on a very nice product."
"Thanks for your excellent software and outstanding technical support!"

Norton or McAfee Antivirus


     Sometimes, Norton Antivirus or McAfee give a false positive and prevent users from downloading and installing our demonstration programs. Email us if you need help to download and install.*


          We have asked their technical support personnel to investigate this matter.


          Essentially you must follow these steps in order to download and install:
1. disable Smart Firewall (choose the 15 minute option).
2. disable Antivirus Auto-Protect (choose the 15 minute option).
3. download the file
4. install the program
5. turn the firewall and antivirus back on
* We had this same issue a couple of years ago and were able to resolve the problem. We're hoping it won't take long to verify that our software is virus-free. Sorry for any inconvenience!
       Some users may wish to send us an alternative email, in order to download the software.
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