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    Our product demos are fully functional versions (with the exception being that when you play the game, you are only allowed to play the Sample Game included with the demo). Using the demo, you can test all the functionality of the program.
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Respond !
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Customer Testimonials
"You are awesome! Thank you so much for all of your help. This is going to be a blast! I read through the manual and have to say that I am very impressed with the ability to customize this game! "
"I just received my order for two of your classroom games. They are wonderful!  . . . Thanks for your help and for creating software to help keep kids motivated! "
"It's really easy to use and very versatile. We were easily able
to customize the logo, questions and even use game pads to make our sessions more like a real game show. Now that we have it, I am sure we will find many uses for it at conferences, training, etc. Great Product!"
"Thanks for your excellent software and outstanding technical support!"
Respond! An Audience Response System that Doesn't Cost Thousands of Dollars
Respond! to us today!



"An Audience Response System for the Rest of Us"
     Have an unlimited funding source for your training hardware and software? Then DEC Software's Respond! is not for you. Typical audience response systems can cost from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. DEC Software has developed an audience response system that can be put in place for less than $100 (final price for a one-user license has not been determined yet).
     No, it won't do a chi square test on your data* and it won't reveal when your null hypothesis is true, but it will allow small groups to interact with instructors, providing feedback AND keeping interest levels high.
     BYOD - bring your own device, iPhone, android phone, tablet, computer, iPod, iPad.
     The key to Respond! is an efficient software package coupled with android smart phones, android tablets, iPhone, iPads, iPods and laptop computers.
 Supports up to 40 Respond!ents
Use smartphones, iPads, iPods, tablets, desktop computers**, laptop computers**, any android device
 No need to purchase 'clickers'
 Simple built-in manual (no translation necessary, written in clear concise English)
 Short manual (we've seen some manuals that are hundreds of pages)
 Easy set-up (if your computer and smart devices are connected to the same network, you've done 75% of the setup)
 No clunky question and answer setup required (since you already know how to use PowerPoint)
 Use as a stand-alone application or use concurrently with PowerPoint (TM, (c) Microsoft) or any presentation software
 Some of the activities that Respond ! supports:

           Knockout !

          - quizzes  
          - tests  
          - games - including the built-in one - Knockout !  
          - bubble-up student questions and/or feedback  
          - frequency distribution graphs  
          - audience surveys  
 Simple to use
 Automatic or restricted log in (fully controlled by the instructor)
 Encourage learning and participation by keeping them engaged
 Graphics and sounds are included, or can be muted so as not to interfere with the main program
 Storage of data files is permitted for continued ongoing usage
 Intuitive use of program - a manual is included, but you probably won't need it (and you probably wouldn't read it)
 Classroom tested
 Plus you get a company that will respond to your suggestions for upgrades in future releases***

 Answer Tracker




Use the Answer Tracker to keep track of the answers that the respondents give. Records up to 10 answers for up to 40 students. Save the file and start over with a new set of answers to continually monitor the group.

Instructor/Moderator Answer Checker
Simple Answer Checker to display the correct answers, check and record them.

Frequency Distribution Graph
Determine which questions are getting which answers. Helps instructors to monitor which concepts or ideas that the respondents have mastered and which concepts/ideas need more instruction.

Control Panel
Control how Respond! looks, feels and operates from the Control Panel.

Help Screen
Need a little context sensitive help? Our help screen and built-in manual should clarify those points for you.


New with version 1.0 (Jan 2014)

  • Initial launching of the program

New with version 2.0 (Jan 2016)

  • Automatically adds hundreds of dollars to your bank account****
  • We'll incorporate your suggestions into new releases

New with version 3.0 (Jan 2017)

Complete Customization -
Add Your Own Logo
Example Logo
*You thought we were kidding? A chi-square test is any statistical hypothesis test in which the test statistic has a chi-square distribution when the null hypothesis is true, or any in which the probability distribution of the test statistic (assuming the null hypothesis is true) can be made to approximate a chi-square distribution as closely as desired by making the sample size large enough.
** Computers must be running Windows XP or newer.
*** Many of the functions in Classroom Feud and The Ultimate Quizshow were suggested by our clients and implemented in our software.
****OK, we ARE just kidding about this!
DEC Software's Respond! is an econonical audience response system that is designed for small groups!
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