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We encourage everyone to download our demo software and give it a spin before purchasing, that's how confident we are that you will love our products.
    Our product demos are fully functional versions (with the exception being that when you play the game, you are only allowed to play the Sample Game included with the demo). Using the demo, you can test all the functionality of the program.
    If you decide that the software is for you, simply return to this website and order the download version or CD.
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Play with up to 40 players!
Security Metrics Site Certified (03.14.18)
These programs support the smart device buzz-in.
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What our customers are saying

"As Chief of Security and Public Safety for a major hospital, I needed a tool that would make training more interesting and fun my officers. The Ultimate QuizShow has done just that."



"Hi Dan! I just want to send you a GREAT BIG THANK YOU!! I have
been putting together my Classroom Feud game and will definately have
it ready to go in plenty of time for my class! I have been having a
great time setting it up! It is so user friendly that I can whip
through the set up in no time! I am also thrilled with the options of
the music, logo, etc. I think my class is going to have a great time
with this and I will be able to customize it for many classes in the

 william bolt
Coming Soon.
These programs will continue to use buzzers, keyboards and other devices

"You guys have been great – thank you for your support!"



"aloha dan
thanks for the help today
the software is terrific!"


You create the questions !

  All of our software packages allow the user to completely customize the games for any educational level and subject material.

     Want to have a simple mathematics review game for your first grade class? No problem. Just fire up our Jeopardy - style program, The Ultimate QuizShow.

     Want to design an interactive game for your company retreat? Just sit down and enter the questions that apply to what you want the game to cover. You can have a workable game ready in under 15 minutes.

      - Chapter and unit reviews
      - Test preparation
      - Assessment
       - Corporate staff development
       - Corporate staff development
      - Team Building
      - Or simply a "fun break" from instruction
   When you're done designing your customized game, simply save it as a file on your computer. A 20 gigabyte hard disk can easily store thousands of your game files. At a later time, you can easily recall the file, make any changes you desire and use the game file again.
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