We encourage everyone to download our software and give it a spin before purchasing, that's how confident we are that you will love our products.
    Each of our product downloads are fully functional versions that allow you to evaluate our programs for 3 days. During the trial period, you can create and save answer files.
    Once you decide to keep the software, simply return to this website and order the unlock code.
What our customers are saying
"I tried the software last week and people loved it. Quite a deal. I had so much resistance when I came up with this idea. There were poeple that refused to take part, but once they were there, got totally caught up in it. It was an excellent tool for review training."
"I just received my order for two of your classroom games. They are wonderful!  . . . Thanks for your help and for creating software to help keep kids motivated! "
"We're using it in our residency training programs such as Emergency Room, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine. Congratulations on a very nice product."
"Thanks for your excellent software and outstanding technical support!"

Error Messages

     We are sorry that you're having difficulty of one type or another. Please check to see if the error message is here, and then if you can't resolve the problem, email us at support@decsoftware.com. We'll do our best to get your program running as soon as possible.
     Before trying to determine the solution to your error message, please check the version of Windows you are using. You can check by right-clicking the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and selecting "Properties" from the pop-up list. If you are using a Windows 2000 or XP operating system (OS), you must have administrator rights to run our software, or have permission to write to the system folder and the root folder of your hard drive. These operating systems are designed so that network administrators (those really cool IT guys) can prevent unwanted access to key areas of the computer (preventing virus attacks and general mucking about).

Question 1 - When I begin the program, I get the following error message:

"A required .DLL file, MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found."

Answer: Please download MSVBVM60.DLL to your c:\windows\system      subdirectory and all should be fine.*

     Note: Some users may have to copy the MSVBVM60.DLL file to the subdirectory where the game program is actually installed. As an example, if you're using Classroom Millionaire, download the file and place it in the c:\Program Files\a_millionaire subdirectory.
     If you're trying to install The Ultimate GameShow, download the file and place it in the c:\Program Files\QuizShow      subdirectory.

Question 2 - When I begin the program, I get the following error message:

"Component SWFLASH.OCX or one of its dependencies not currently registered: a file is missing or invalid."

Answer: Please download swflash.ocx to your c:\windows\system      subdirectory and all should be fine.*

Question 3 - When I run the program, I get the following error message:

"Component COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependencies not currently registered: a file is missing or invalid."

Answer: Please download comdlg32.ocx to your c:\windows\system     subdirectory.

    If that doesn't work, would you please download comctl32.ocx to your c:\windows\system subdirectory and all should be fine. *

Question 4 - During setup (installation of the program) I encounter this message:

   "Can't run 16-bit Windows Program"

Answer: This seems to be an InstallShield problem with certain systems (normally those with the NtfsDisable8dot3 registry item set to 1).

If you copy the Setup file (usually named something like "QuizShowSetup.exe") to "c:\" (the top of drive C:), the install should run without any problems.

        Although somewhat technical, this web page may help you.

Question 5 - I'm having a little difficulty using your software with Windows XP, Windows Vista (or Windows NT). What should I do ?

Answer: The software must be installed and activated by a user with administrator rights. Once this is done any user will be able to access the program on which the license was installed and activated..

Additional explanation: All of our software is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 98 and up. However, due to the fact that our software uses Windows system files, Windows XP and Windows NT users must install and log-on to their computers with administrative rights.

"Administrators" have access to do anything and everything on a system and "Limited" or "Restricted" users are restricted in what they can and cannot do on a system.

If you are on a network, your network administrator may have to install the software for you and follow our unlocking instructions that are included with your purchase (the instructions are included, not the administrator!).

Additional Vista Help

Question 6 - I've installed the program and activated it. Then, when I tried to use the program later, it's locked. I need a new activation. What's going on?
Answer: The activation code is based upon the Windows registry. Something has changed the system registry, and the program 'thinks' that it hasn't been activated on your computer. Some of the culprits for changing the system registry include:
  - reformatting the hard disk drive
  - installing a new operating system
  - flashing the motherboard BIOS
  - erasing all files from the hard disk drive
  - Norton system utilities
  - Iolo System mechanic
  - al-Qaeda
     That's not a problem. Send us the new MID and Site codes, along with the order number, and we will send a replacement code to you within 2-3 hours (on a business day).
     However, if you are putting the software on a different machine (our licensing software can detect that), please purchase an additional activation code.

Question 7 - I purchased the CD and when I click on the install icon, it says that it can't find the program. What do I need to do?
Sometime a user will receive this error message:
"file setup.inf not found"

Answer: If admininistrative rights are not the problem (Question #5 above), then try copying the QuizShowSetup.exe* file to the desktop of your computer. Then click on the file that you've copied to the desktop.

Here is an outline of the steps you will follow:
    1. Exit the installation menu that appears on your screen
    2. Click on My Computer.
    3. Find the disk drive that has the DEC Software CD
    4. Find the file called QuizShowSetup.exe* and drop down the Edit menu and click on "copy"
    5. Move to your desktop and drop down the Edit menu and click on "paste"
    6. Start the QuizShowSetup.exe* file by clicking (or double-clicking on it).
*This example is for The Ultimate QuizShow program. If you have a different program, then find the appropriate Setup.exe file for that program.

Question 8 - I'm having some difficulty with the inserting pictures into the game board when creating game files for The Ultimate QuizShow. I'm sure that the pictures are in the correct directory. What do I need to do?

Answer: Try saving The Ultimate QuizShow game files in the c:program files\QuizShow subdirectory. Then see if you can insert pictures.

If this works, try using this directory to store your game files. If you desire a backup, copy them to another directory (or device, like a floppy) using a program like Windows Explorer or PowerDesk.

Question 9 - When I try to run the program I get the "file damaged". error and then the program stops.
Answer: This is an indication that you have not removed all previous versions of the program, including the demonstration program.
Once you remove these versions, the program will operate properly.

Question 10 - When I try to run the installation program, I get the following error:
"The system file is not suitable for running MS-DOS and Microsoft windows applications.
Answer: For some reason the installation of SP2 (and in some cases, when users have Windows XP) can cause a file called "AUTOEXEC.NT" to be corrupted or deleted. This file is part of the Windows 16-bit subsystem and usually lives in the system32 folder.

What's happening when you get this error is that the setup for that program uses InstallSheild which is a 16-bit program. Since the AUTOEXEC.NT file is missing, it can't run the install program. Not everyone who installs SP2 will have this problem, but we've had several emails about it.

Fortunately there is a backup of the file living on your hard drive.

Double click "My Computer" then your hard drive (probably the C drive) and open the "WINDOWS" folder.

Open the "SYSTEM32" folder and see if the "AUTOEXEC.NT" file is in there. Chances are it isn't. If it is, then it's probably corrupt. Arrow up or hit "Back" to return to the main WINDOWS folder.

Go down to the "Repair" folder and double click. You should find "autoexec.nt" and "config.nt" in there. Copy these files (Ctrl+C) then go back to SYSTEM32 and paste them there (Ctrl+V). It will ask you if you want to replace the old one-click "Yes".

That should do it. Now try installing that program and it should work fine.


Question 11 - My team never seems to win the big game. We can get into the big dance or to a big bowl game, and then they seem to lose. What do I need to do?

Answer: First, give up on your team. Second, find a team that always seems to win, for example, the New York Yankees. Start cheering for them. Afterall, they're the best team that money can buy. Never root for a loser, like the Boston Red Sox** or the Chicago Cubs.

* Some users (especially Windows XP and Windows NT machines) may need to to install the program to the c:\windows\system32     subdirectory).
** Whoops. Well, we had to change that one, didn't we? Congratulations to the BoSox. Now let's see what we can do about the Cubs!
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